Future FAQS

Future FAQS

Why do we need the Lyric?

Existing halls are often inadequate or unavailable. The Events Center can hold large events but lacks proper acoustics for intimate performances. Priority is given to the schools for use of the high schools and college spaces. Corporate and private event use is difficult. With the size and functionality of the Lyric, it will be able to attract and host more touring acts in cooperation with regional facilities in other areas of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. Built in the heart of downtown Casper, it will not only invigorate and bring dollars to the local economy but also attract employers to our area.

Who will use the Lyric? The Lyric is for everyone to use!

It can be utilized by professional and amateur performing artists, conferences, lectures, symposiums, private celebrations, ceremonies, and even art exhibits.

What is the seating capacity of other Casper venues?

Natrona County High School has about 800 seats, Kelly Walsh has approximately 600. Wheeler Hall at Casper College has 400. The Events Center has 10,000; however, when configured for theater performances, it can accommodate 2,300.

What are some unique attributes of the Lyric?

Some unique attributes include a large stage size, the existence of wings, an orchestra pit, a floor suitable for dancing, a large fly loft, storage area for props and scenery, good acoustics, clear sight lines and a comfortable lobby with ample restrooms.

How will the Lyric benefit our region?

The economic impact of the Lyric will be felt in many ways. With the venue that is being proposed, Casper will have the ability to attract renowned regional and national performance groups including but not limited to musical and theater productions. It will also have the capability to accommodate large meetings, lectures, public speakers, weddings, and receptions. The events that would use this venue will draw visitors from around the state and region who enhance Casper's economy by spending money in local hotels, restaurants, and shops. In addition, with David Street Station being located across the street, we foresee this as an additional joint venture to encourage economic development.

Who will manage the Lyric?

The Lyric is a non-profit corporation, under the direction of a board of directors. Daily operations will be managed by the executive director and a full-time staff.

Please reach out to Lindsey if you would like to learn more about the future potential of The Lyric.