Outside Vendor Policies

The Lyric takes in pride in being a full service banquet venue, providing only the best for customers. We have chosen our preferred vendors and work closely to ensure your event is a memorable occasion. We encourage you to consider our preferred vendor list before seeking an alternative but we will work with you, whatever you decide.

Decoration and Set-Up

We have very few restrictions when it comes to decorating. The restrictions we have in place are to help preserve our venue. Clients are prohibited from using nails, tacks, staples or any other sharp objects to hang decoration. Wire and tape may be used, but must be removed at the end of event. Candles or open flames are permitted in the lobby, but must be contained to a vase, hurricane or other fire resistant container. if you have any further questions regarding decorations, please feel free to speak with our event coordinator.

Support Staff

The Lyric will provide one on-site staff member for the duration of your event. Staff member will be present upon arrival and will assist you with heating, cooling, lighting, sound, restroom supplies, etc. At the conclusion of your event, we will do a complete walk- through and check-out.

Alcohol Policies

Alcohol use is permitted for those who wish to obtain a permit through the City of Casper or hire a licensed liquor vendor. Other permits may be applicable per the City of Casper and are the responsibility of the renter. Use of Alcohol will require an additional cleaning fee of $200.